Sunday, February 3, 2013

Next Step

Today is known worldwide as Super Bowl Sunday, but it's also the day I filed my copyright for Cycle 13: Hunted. Which is more exciting???  Hard to judge, but if you're a Ravens fan, my guess is you're pretty excited right now.

Since the power's out at the Mercedes-Benz superdome, let me entertain you with a bit from my book.

     “My name changes with each life. My mom told me it’s necessary for birth certificates and things like that. It might raise a red flag at the Social Security Office when an eight hundred year old girl applied for her driver’s license.” Jules’ mouth rose just slightly at the corners, which made me feel calmer. I was glad she was relaxing a little now.

     “My parents have all died and been reborn again, just like me. That’s the one thing I like most about what I am. I know that when death naturally comes to those I love, that it’s not the end. Even though I may never see them again, or if I did, I wouldn’t remember them anyway, at least I draw comfort in the fact that their lives were not over for good.”

     “That is a nice thought,” Jules agreed. “Can I look through your book?”

     “Sure.” I handed her my album and watched as she flipped from page to page. She read each page and looked intently at each picture. I watched her reactions while gazing at the pictures myself; I never tired of looking at them. Each one was so unique. When she turned to the page that held my fifth life, I noticed something familiar on my mother, at the time. She was wearing a bracelet, probably which held her gemstone, but I recognized this bracelet from much more recently. Where had I seen this?

You know you want to

:)  Enjoy the rest of the Super Bowl---if the lights come back on.

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