Thursday, June 6, 2013


As most of you know, due to my many annoying posts, my daughter graduated high school this past week. While preparing for her party, I've spent countless hours going through old photos and reliving the past eighteen years of my life.

Advice from many sprang to mind from years ago..."Enjoy her while she's young; They grow up so fast; Cherish each moment." All of these words meant little to me at the time. Sure, I did everything I could to remember her youth. This is evidenced through the many videos and pictures. But I can honestly say that those words of advice never meant much to me because time seemed to stand still, at least while I was living those precious moments.

Now, being the older and wiser mom that I am, I wish I would've been able to pause time. Perhaps a life's remote forward through the earaches, heart problem issues, and other illnesses...but put special occasions, recitals, and mommy-daughter days on slow motion or repeat. ((sigh))

So those of you with young ones, heed my advice and cherish each smile, each belly-busting laugh, and each scribbly drawing brought home from school. Because before you know it, those moments begin to dissipate and turn into career plans.

Luckily for me, my daughter and I are very close, so even though her high school days are over, I know we'll have many more times recorded both mentally and photographically.


Congratulations Graduate!

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