Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Official!

I can now officially call myself a PUBLISHED AUTHOR! It still feels so surreal. 

Hunted was released on Saturday and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I'm a crier. I cry at the end of every book; sad, happy, or indifferent. I even cry at the Publix commercials when they won't let the little salt-shakers inside during the holidays! Awful! But the tears I shed on Saturday were happy tears. The kind that showed how all of my hard work had paid off. 

It started Friday around 10:30 pm when the publisher began letting me know that the book was live on Inkspell's site and I cried when I Googled it and saw it sitting there, waiting to be purchased. Then, one of my best friends, Kristi, took a screen-shot of MY book sitting on the shelf of her Kindle. Any wanna-be author will tell you that it's a dream to see your book sitting on a bookshelf one day. Kristi made that happen for me and I will remember it always. 

Managing to unwind myself enough to sleep for a few hours, I was supposed to meet another couple of friends for breakfast the next morning so they could download the book with me. Suspicion arose when my daughter, who is never awake before eleven, had set her alarm to join us and then proceeded to offer to drive me there. She hates driving. 

As we pulled up to the clubhouse, I knew I had been bamboozled. :) (I just love that word!) My amazing friends, Shannon, Melissa, and Audra had spent countless hours and oodles of money throwing me an amazing SURPRISE book birthday party complete with posters of the cover, bookmarks, a cake with the cover on it, and even a wifi downloading station for everyone to use. It was unbelievable! Needless to say, many more tears flowed. They made my day so very special, one I will never forget.

All in all, it was an amazing start to what I hope will be a phenomenal ride. My book is alive now. It is out there for the world to read. Five years in the making and two more to get to this point. This author is at a loss for words when it comes to the joy in her heart. Thank you for buying my book, Hunted. I hope you enjoy. 


  1. That's wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you! Been a great release weekend. :)

  3. Jill just reading this made my heart so full! To see the joy when you saw your friends & family gathered together to celebrate your accomplishment was wonderful to see. Planning the release party was fun for me and very exciting! We are so proud of you and wanted it to be a very special day. I hope we made you feel loved because you have a lot of people that are very supporting and proud that you chased your dream and have accomplished it and wanted to be there to show you support. You are wonderful! xoxo