Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today I felt like a rock star!  All due to a photo shoot for my headshots. 

As I navigate the process of taking my novel through publishing, my goal is to enjoy each and every moment.  Some are naturally more exciting than others, and today was one of those times.  My daughter's dance teacher dabbles in photography and is quite good.  So it was fortuitous for me that she agreed to employ the task of making me appear author-like.  I purchased a new blouse, which for those that know me doesn't happen often, and we met this morning at the scenic and, come to find out, mosquito riddened Sugar Mill Gardens.  Feeling oddly lighthearted, I came out of the shadows and faced the lens that I have so heartily avoided for some time now.  Mirrors and cameras have not been my friends.  (Probably goes back to a little of that self-loathing thing I had going on a few weeks ago.) 

Kristi, the photographer, made me feel very comfortable and I think we got a few good shots in there.  I will know for sure tomorrow.  I'm sure they'll be terrific, especially after editing.  Regardless, I have to say that it was loads of fun. She made me feel like a superstar, which says a lot for her talents. 

So pictures will show up on my website soon...can't wait to see myself. 

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