Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

This has been a very busy week. After wrapping up Christmas, relatives, and way too much food, I was excited for some relaxation time. My editor had other plans, which I'm happy to report included my first round of edits! Being a first time published author, I had no idea what to expect, and she did not disappoint. My editor is spectacular! 

Within the span of two days, I've learned all about Track Changes, (thank you You Tube), and I've learned that "towards" really should not be used. And "toward" should really be limited as well.  Surprisingly, I'm not as grammatically correct as I've always thought myself to be, but thankfully my talented editor is.

On top of all this excitement, I am excited to also report that the title of my book will officially be called Cycle 13: Hunted.  Overall, it's been a pretty good New Year's Eve. If this is any sign of what 2013 is going to be like then I say, "Bring it on!"

Happy New Year everyone!  As we head toward 2013 and you're making a resolution, consider this one: Read more in the year 2013.  I can suggest some excellent titles by my friends at Inkspell Publishing! 

(See what I did there?)  LOL  Have fun!

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