Thursday, September 13, 2012


Writing is like having a relationship with words.  Sometimes you're in and sometimes you wish you could run away for a while.  The heart does grow fonder, right?  I'll admit that throughout the course of writing Cycle Thirteen, I took a few breaks.  Some longer than others.  The longest pause between pages was six months.  I was about halfway through my story when I thought I was kidding myself about being a writer, so I gave up.  Feeling as if my story was garbage, I did what a lot of writers do...quit.  It was a flyer that changed my life.  An author nearby was offering classes on how to be a children's author.  I was so there.

I spent the weekend in this author's home learning about writing and publishing and it changed my life.  Overwhelmed with excitement about writing, I made a decision.  Knowing how full my plate already was, I scheduled my "butt in chair" time for 4:30 every morning. I figured the lack in sleep would be worth it one day. 

Now, more than two years later, I can say it was.  All sorts of cliches come to mind about hard work, but nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment when that work is complete.  Find your inspiration and make it work for you.  You'll never be disappointed in yourself when you know you've aimed for the stars and a little dust has fallen on you. 

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  1. I remember that break and then when you scheduled your "butt in chair" time! LOL It was so nice coming into work and having a chapter to read! Love you and you are amazing!!!!