Sunday, November 11, 2012

Props to Stephenie

I feel it's necessary to give props to Stephenie Meyer on this weekend prior to her final installment of the motion pictures for her Twilight Saga.  It's no secret that I am probably one of the greatest Twilight fans ever.  My daughter and I have been to countless conventions, met 27 of the stars from the movies---with autographs---and have read all of the books and watched the movies more than I can count on fingers and toes.  To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. 

Standing in line one day at the movie theater, to see something other than Twilight, a little girl from our school walked by and said hello to me.  She was probably in first or second grade and I have always taught fourth grade.  As she passed, holding hands with her mom and dad, I overheard her mom ask who I was.  She boldly stated that I was the Twilight teacher.  If that doesn't make it clear, then perhaps the framed movie posters hanging in my living room would paint a more vivid picture. 

I can't speak for all fans of the series, but I believe the draw for me isn't simply the good looking men. I love the idea of Bella's fantasy life and find myself lost in the world that Stephenie Meyer created. Even the music draws me in...from Carter Burwell to Florence and the Machine. 

So thanks Stephenie Meyer!  You've inspired me to read more and write more. Thanks to you, and a little creativity on my part, I am looking forward to the day I can call myself a published author. 

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