Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twitter Obsession

I know I usually blog on Sunday nights, but I feel the urge to write today. Mainly it's due to my recent overwhelming obsession with twitter. It's really gotten out of hand...
I created my account a while back, but maybe had ten followers at the time. I rarely went to the site itself, considered it more of my daughter's thing. She was constantly on twitter and frankly I didn't see the attraction. Facebook, with all its quotes, likes, and games was more of a draw for me. Until a few months ago, when I realized that I could reach more people through twitter, did I decide to update my profile on there and figure out how it all worked.
Now I'm still no expert on when to #hashtag and when not to. And I would really like to know how to do an automated message when someone follows me so I can thank them, like many people have done for me. I continue to read other people's posts to try and gain new knowledge on how the whole thing works.  But my obsession occurs with the ME tab. My poor teenage daughter has had to endure daily updates on how many followers have agreed to watch me mindlessly amble my way through the tweeting world. I remember clearly the night I reached 500. I was checking my phone every half hour to watch it reach that milestone. When it finally did, from my bed, I texted my daughter to tell her I had made it to my goal. She kindly texted back,  "You're so cute, Mommy." 

It's time I admit I have a problem.
As of this morning, I have 679 followers. To some of you out there, you're probably scoffing at this blog right now. But to me, that's a pretty large number considering I started with just ten. My goal is to reach 1,000 followers by Christmas.  So if you are reading this blog, and you are a tweeter, by all means feel free to tweet the link...with your help, I know my Christmas wish can be fulfilled.  Happy tweeting!

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