Monday, November 5, 2012


On my facebook page, people are posting daily thoughts about what they're thankful for.  And while I enjoy seeing everyone's pictures and messages, I decided not to conform and participate. But today, I truly feel the urge to thank my friends.  Let me back up a bit. 

This past weekend my daughter was dancing at a convention in Orlando, The Beat.  It was a fantastic weekend full of laughter, entertainment, and dance education.  After two days of fun, the finale event was set to begin where all of the dancers would perform what they had learned.  I was so excited to see my daughter dance with the choreography from the professionals she'd been working with over the two day stretch, but the "stage" was on the carpet and there were people standing in front of me.  Being in the back, against a wall, I saw some chairs and thought to myself, "Self, you should stand on those chairs, then you can get great pictures and see everything." 

Do you ever have one of those times where you wish you could go back and make a different decision?  Well, this was mine.  As soon as I got up on the chairs, one of them tilted forward and I landed on my foot and rolled my ankle to try and balance myself so I wouldn't hit the floor.  The first thing I'm thankful for is that only one other person saw me fall. 

Needless to say, I can't walk very well today.  I took off work and went to get an x-ray, sure that something in my foot had broken due to all the pain. No. I have a heel spur that is now inflamed due to the fall and extremely painful.  I'm still waiting for the instructions from the doctor as to what to do next, but in the meantime I am very thankful for my friends.

Tonight, a dear friend brought dinner for my daughter and I and another friend, and parent of one of my tutoring students, made us dinner for tomorrow night.  All the love and kind thoughts from my friends has been so sweet.  I truly feel loved. 

So tonight, I am thankful for good friends.  When times are rough, I know I can count on them.  Thank you! 

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